24/7 Bail Services

Our Sacramento bail bondsmen are available 24/7 to answer your specific questions and help in any way possible. We know many people are unfamiliar with how bail bonds work in Sacramento County, and that is O.K. We explain the process and all your available options so you can make the best decisions for your specific situation.

Integrity & Experience

We take great pride in the quality of service we provide our bail bond clients. Our integrity, friendliness and experience are cornerstones of our long history serving the greater Sacramento area. With the serious nature of securing the release of a friend or loved one from jail, you will appreciate having our integrity and experience on your side.

Jails & Inmate Locator

Sometimes a friend or family member needs to search for someone who has been arrested.  The easy way is to call us, we can get that information for you.  Or, for the "do-it-yourselfers" we provide links to neighboring Sacramento County jails for you. But we know the system very well, so go ahead and give us a call, we will be glad to assist you.