Inmate Search and Contact

Sacramento County Jail System Inmate Search

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has two ways for you to search for an inmate.
(Note – the link above will open a new window and take you directly to the Sacramento County Sheriffs website)

1. Search by Name – You will need the inmates first and last name (and enter the “Captcha” code)
2. Search by “X-Ref” Number – A “X-Ref” is a Cross Reference number that is unique for each inmate. It will look similar to this: X-1234567Sherriffs Making Arrest

Keep in mind that the inmate information that is provided by the Sheriff is the most recent information available, Charges and other information is subject to change as the inmate moves through the judicial process.

Making Contact With An Inmate – FAQ’s

Q1: Is it legal to have the inmate information online on the Sheriff’s website?
A1: Yes, by law the booking info that is displayed on the Sheriff’s website is public information. After the inmate is released from custody, only the time and date of their release is public information.

Q2: What is the X-Ref number?
A2: It is also referred to as a “cross-reference number”. It is a unique number that identifies an inmate within the Sacramento County jail system. It will look similar to this: X-1234567

Q3: I cannot find an inmate that I’m pretty sure is in custody
A3: You can call the jail information line at (916) 874-6752, you can also visit our Resources page for additional contact information, or better yet give us a call to assist you.

Q4: Can I email an inmate?
A4: Yes, follow the seven steps below:

1. Do a search for the inmate using their name or X-Ref (see search links above).
2. Click on the name of the inmate and you will see their custody information.
3. Near the center of the page look for an envelope icon, click on the envelope, it will take you to an e-mail verification page.
4. In the email verification field type your email address, also type in the two image verification fields, click on “submit”
5. Check your email INBOX (and spam folder), in a minute or two you should have a reply from “”. Open the email and click on the link in the message area. You can begin typing your message. Note, this message is entered into a web form, it is not sent through your email program.
6. IMPORTANT – There is No Privacy, jail staff will read this email message, DO NOT email personal or confidential information in your messages. Submit email when complete.
7. Messages are limited to one page, they are printed and normally delivered to the inmate the next day. No photos or attachments are allowed with the email. The inmate will not be able to reply by email, their outgoing mail is limited to U.S. Mail.

Q5: Who should I call for information about getting a bail bond?
A5: Of course we recommend Bail Now Sacramento at (916) 238-6936. We would be glad to help, and answer any Sacramento Bail Bonds or jail related questions you may have 24 hours a day, every day!

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