Additional Inmate Related Resources

We have found that these resources are very helpful for friends and family that want additional information about specific details  of how they can visit or communicate with an inmate.  Below are links that we hope you find helpful.

iCare Packages

Icare Packages is the name of the Sacramento County Jail Commissary, this is the only allowable way to give an inmate a gift.  These are small gift packages (snacks, candy, stationary, personal care, etc) that you can purchase online (with Visa or M/C) and have delivered to an inmate.Helpful Tips and Resource sign

When the gifts are purchased on line you select the gift and provide the name or inmate number and make the purchase.  Deliveries of the Icare packages to the Main Jail are Saturdays and Sundays. You will receive a notification after the order is delivered.

Inmate Mailing Requirements

There are VERY specific instructions and information that must be provided for all correspondence and money orders. This webpage also address VERY specific instructions regarding books, newspapers and subscriptions.

Contact Information for Law enforcement Departments throughout Sacramento County

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department
Emergency dial 911 or (916) 874-5111
Non-emergency (916) 874-7128Inmate waiting in Cell

Sacramento County Mail Jail
Non-emergency (916) 874-6752

California Highway Patrol
Emergency dial 911
Non-emergency 1-800-835-5247

City of Elk Grove Police Department
Emergency dial 911 or (916) 714-5111
Non-emergency (916) 714-5115

City of Folsom Police Department
Emergency dial 911
Non-emergency (916) 355-7234

City of Galt Police Department
Emergencies dial 911
Non-emergencies (209) 366-7000

City of Rancho Cordova Police Department
Emergency dial 911
Non-emergency (916) 875-9600

City of Sacramento Police Department
Emergency dial 911
Non-emergency (916) 264-5471

Bail Bond Information

Bail Now Sacramento Contact Us
We are available for you 24 hours a day, call (916) 238-6936


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